Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Kirkcaldy Area Committee

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference and functions of Area Committees are to deal with the following matters as they relate to the Committee’s area:-

  • providing local input as required to Council decisions including:-


  • considering the potential impact of strategic policy proposals and making recommendations to the relevant strategic committee;
  • considering all planning applications which are to be determined by the Planning Committee;
  • taking decisions on matters within their local area insofar as these have been remitted by Council or strategic committees:-


  • the allocation of budgets and the approval of revenue and capital expenditure insofar as these have been delegated to the committee;
  • determining all planning applications requiring a committee decision and which are not remitted to the Planning Committee;
  • planning enforcement matters, reports and the serving of notices (excluding emergency powers which are delegated to the Head of Development Services);
  • tree related matters and tree preservation orders;
  • rights of way, diversion orders, stopping-up orders and other relevant legislation except any planning applications considered by the Planning Committee;
  • conservation area and conservation management scheme arrangements and reports;
  • good neighbour agreements;
  • master plans, site briefs, development briefs and urban design frameworks; and
  • reporting of dangerous buildings which have potential expenditure implications for the Council.
  • the approval of grants to local organisations;
  • appointment of members to local organisations;
  • traffic orders;
  • roads adoptions, construction consents and the naming of streets;
  • calling for the attendance of appropriate officers whose service performance is being examined;
  • co-ordination of joint working with community plan partners and other statutory and voluntary or not for profit bodies to support the wellbeing of their communities.

Scrutiny and Performance Review

The Committee shall be responsible for the scrutiny and review of performance of the functions remitted to Area Committees as provided for in paragraphs 3.8 and 3.11 of the Scheme of Administration.






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