A&E operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy

A&E & calling 999 should only be used for serious illnesses or injuries, so that essential treatment is given as quickly as possible to those who need it most.

If you attend A&E inappropriately & it is felt you do not need to be seen in A&E, you may be asked to seek help from an alternative service such as your GP or local pharmacy. 

What happens now if non-emergency attendances

You have attended the Emergency department with

  • A condition that has been present for more than 3 days


  • A condition with which you have already consulted your own General Practitioner

The senior doctor on duty will come and speak to you and make a decision on whether you will be seen in the Emergency Department, they may then advise you to make arrangements to see a General Practitioner.

We will attempt to do this as soon as possible but you may have to wait if the senior doctor is busy attending to emergency patients.

If you decide to leave and make arrangements to see a GP, please advise a nurse or a member of reception staff.

If the senior doctor decides that you should be seen in the Emergency Department, you will be seen in order of clinical priority and are likely to have to wait.

To allow us to deal effectively with emergency patients it is essential that patients with non emergency conditions make arrangements to see their GP.

Last Updated: 28 August 2020