COVID-19 - General

General advice

Links below to general Coronavirus information in other languages

Coronavirus information in Polish

Coronavirus information in Arabic

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If you are looking for other languages, you may be able to find them directly on the NHS Inform website.  

COVID-19 - Vaccination 

Links below to general vaccination information in other languages

COVID-19 Vaccine leaflets - easy read version

COVID-19 Vaccine leaflets - BSL versions

COVID-19 Vaccine leaflets - largeprint version

COVID-19 Vaccine leaflets - audio version

COVID-19 advice in BSL

See our COVID-19 resources for BSL users page.

Full Length Video Hyperlinks:

Short Version Video Hyperlinks:

Information for Roma, Travellers and Showmen communities

Side Effects and Safety Video Links

Links below to general vaccine side effects and safety information in other languages

Doses and Appointments Video Links

Links below to vaccine dates and appointments  information in other languages

COVID-19 - Testing 

Links below on how to do a PCR test videos in Multiple Languages and formats

Step-by-step demonstration videos for lateral flow device and PCR testing, which can be found in the pages below:

With Professor Jason Leitch, which can be found in multiple languages here: Coronavirus (COVID-19): How to do a rapid lateral flow device (LFD) test at home | NHS inform

Access the PCR Step-by-Step Guide

With Dr Nicola Steedman, which can be found in multiple languages here: Coronavirus (COVID-19): How to do a PCR test at home | NHS inform

Covid-19 testing for seasonal workers 


This How To PCR video is now available via the links below in different formats. The MP4 download file can be downloaded and used offline in an agricultural setting for example.

No subtitles -

MP4 File -

Belarus -

Bulgarian -

Kazakh -

Nepali -

Polish -

Romanian -

Romanian (Moldova)

Russian -

Ukraine -

COVID-19 - Self Isolating 

Links below to self isolating guidance information in other languages

COVID-19 - Test and Protect

Links below on the test and protect programme in multiple languages and formats.
Information on the Scottish Government's Test and Protect strategy is available in a range of languages from the Scottish Government website.

Fife Migrants Forum

The Fife Migrants Forum have produced messages in Polish, Romanian and Arabic on the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Right Care Right Place

See NHS Inform Right Care, Right Place

Little leaflet of brighter days

To help you practise positive thinking day-to-day Breathing Space have created a 'Little leaflet of Brighter Days' in various community languages.