NHS Fife and Fife Community Interpreting Service

Fife Community Interpreting Service provides face-to-face interpreting. The service will also help to provide information for patients and the public. They also hold and share translated COVID-19 materials in community languages.

To contact Fife Community Interpreting Service visit: Fife Community Language Interpreting


Links below to general Coronavirus information in other languages

Coronavirus information in Polish

Coronavirus information in Arabic

Coronavirus information in Bengali

Coronavirus information in Chinese

Coronavirus information in Hindi

Coronavirus information in Polish

Coronavirus information in Punjabi

Coronavirus information in Romanian

Coronavirus information in Slovak

Coronavirus information in Spanish

Coronavirus information in Urdu

Covid-19 Vaccination 


Covid-19 Testing of seasonal workers


This How To PCR video is now available via the links below in different formats. The MP4 download file can be downloaded and used offline in an agricultural setting for example.

No subtitles - https://youtu.be/nw3ANc4r__Q

MP4 File - https://we.tl/t-ulvNPDR2xo

Different community language versions:

Belarus - https://youtu.be/3sJUDfeUHu0

Bulgarian - https://youtu.be/NH07s2nlJIA

Kazakh - https://youtu.be/thRXGbsrlS8

Nepali - https://youtu.be/LR4S5DLSh9U

Polish - https://youtu.be/oOfGs08GfoY

Romanian - https://youtu.be/jiCphMndZxM

Romanian (Moldova) https://youtu.be/BDW1QbOADB8

Russian - https://youtu.be/voz6DeovKZk

Ukraine - https://youtu.be/wxk3XN9Hh4Q



Self Isolating 

Links below to self isolating guidance information in other languages

Test and Protect

Information on the Scottish Government's Test and Protect strategy is available in a range of languages from the Scottish Government website.

Vaccination information

COVID-19 Vaccine Leaflets - easy read version

COVID-19 Vaccine Leaflets - BSL versions

COVID-19 Vaccine Leaflets - largeprint version

COVID-19 Vaccine Leaflets - audio version

COVID-19 advice in BSL

See our COVID-19 resources for BSL users page.

Fife Migrants Forum

The Fife Migrants Forum have produced messages in Polish, Romanian and Arabic on the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

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