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General Note

NHS Fife acknowledges and agrees with the importance of regular and timely review of policy/procedure statements and aims to review policies within the timescales set out.

New policies/procedures will be subject to a review date of no more than 1 year from the date of first issue.

Reviewed policies/procedures will have a review date set that is relevant to the content (advised by the author) but will be no longer than 3 years.

If a policy/procedure is past its review date then the content will remain extant until such time as the policy/procedure review is complete and the new version published, or there are national policy or legislative changes.


NHS Fife needs to ensure it meets its flexible working obligations within the Agenda for Change Terms and Conditions of Service and the Hospital Medical and Dental Staff and Doctors and Dentists in Public Health Medicine and the Community Health Service. As an equal opportunities employer, NHS Fife is committed to enable all posts where possible to be available on the basis of job sharing. All posts are to be considered as being available for job sharing unless it can be demonstrated that the post is unsuitable.


This policy applies to all employees of NHS Fife.


The responsibility for the application of the policy rests with Line Managers and HR staff within NHS Fife.


Job sharing is defined as a formal agreement where two people voluntarily share the responsibilities of one full time post, with salary and leave entitlement on a pro rata basis.

Each partner to a job share will hold an individual contract of employment. The post holder’s job title will be that given to the established post with the endorsement “(job share)”. The hours worked will be individually stated for each partner to the job share.

A job share post remains a full-time post undertaken by two people, which can revert to a full-time post occupied by one person, if required subject to normal vacancy management rules.

4.2 Every post within NHS Fife is to be regarded as a potential job share, and every request for a job share will be treated on its own merits.

4.3 All recruitment literature will contain information encouraging people who wish to job share to apply unless the particular post has been declared to be unsuitable for job sharing.

4.4 Normally job share posts will be between two people.

4.5 The principle of full flexibility of hours and days of work is applied to each job share agreement which will take into account the needs of the department and of the job sharers.

4.6 Applications to job share are welcome from existing employees whether they wish to share their current post or apply for an advertised post on a job sharing basis. In the latter case, normal recruitment procedures continue to apply. Guidance on how to apply is outline within Appendix 1 - GUIDANCE NOTES ON JOB SHARING – EMPLOYEES – section 9.

4.7 If a request to job share is rejected, a full explanation must be given in writing, The refusal can only be for valid and objective organisation/operational reasons.Individuals should also be encouraged to meet their manager to discuss other possible. alternatives Members of staff whose request for job share is turned down have the right to raise a formal grievance. It is advisable for the manger to seek advice from HR.

4.8 With the agreement of the appropriate manager, a degree of overlap for "contact and co-operation" can be built into the working hours so that job sharers can exchange information and work together if necessary.

4.9 There are no predetermined rules on how a job share may be split. Each job share needs to be considered in detail by management and arranged in a way which ensures it can be done effectively and service delivery met. The working patterns of job sharers shall not be altered without full consultation and after attempts have been made to reach agreement.

4.10 Where one partner is taking annual leave there is no expectation in the normal course of events that the other partner will cover the vacant hours. However, if one partner is absent from work for a significant period of time as a result of sickness or the half post becomes vacant for any reason, the remaining partner may be invited to work extended hours, possibly up to a standard full-time week where personal circumstances allow. No attempt will be made to pressurise one partner to work extended hours.

4.11 Sick pay entitlement, Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Parental Leave for job sharers will be applied under the provisions of the appropriate NHS terms and conditions of service pro-rata to the number of hours worked.

4.12 Travel mileage will be determined according to the nature of the post.

4.13 Entitlement to car allowances and eligibility to apply for car leasing schemes will be determined by the post and will apply to each car user.

4.14 All job sharers will be able to join the NHS Superannuation Scheme. However, because job sharers are on reduced pay this also means that they will pay less into the fund and in turn will get lower pension benefits for the period of the job share. Job sharers should consult the Scottish Public Pensions Agency to discuss their particular circumstances.

4.15 Overtime approved by the manager, will be payable if an individual job sharer works more than the full time hours per week for the post. This will be paid and agreed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of employment

4.16 Job sharers shall have access to training opportunities on the same basis as full time employees with respect to day release qualification courses. e.g. if a course requires full day release, half a day will be credited to working time and half a day shall be taken in the job sharer’s own time.

In respect of work related training course, job sharers will only be paid where attendance coincides with their normal working hours. However, where training takes place on a day where a sharer does not normally work they should be allowed time off in lieu.

4.17 Where one half of a job share leaves and subject to the post requiring to be filled and normal vacancy management arrangements, the line manager should discuss with the remaining half of the job share whether they have any interest in taking up the post on a full-time basis, no attempt will be made to pressurise the job sharer to increase to full-time.

4.18 If this is not a suitable solution, then the remaining job sharer should be consulted in relation to arrangements for filling the other half, especially in terms of changes to existing working arrangements. Recruitment information should specify the details of the part of the post to be filled and the normal procedures should be followed in terms of selection. However, it is advisable that the remaining job sharer be involved in some aspect of the selection process. This could either be in terms of meeting the candidates prior or subsequent to interview, but in any case prior to the appointment decision in order to assess compatibility. Alternatively, all candidates could be invited to an informal discussion prior to interview involving manager and job sharer or alternatively manager, job sharer and the rest of the appointment panel. Short-listing would then be undertaken incorporating the existing job sharer.

4.19 Should it not be possible to make an appointment to a vacant part of the job share, within 3 months from the date of first advert consideration will have to be given as to the requirement to fill the post on a full-time basis. If such a need is determined then every effort should be made to re-deploy the remaining job sharer to a suitable alternative post within NHS Fife, which would be done in line with the NHS Fife Redeployment Policy. If this is not possible, it may be necessary and only in exceptional circumstances, to terminate the contract of the existing job sharer.

4.20 Each job sharer is responsible individually for the satisfactory performance of his/her own duties. They are not responsible for their partner’s conduct and capability and, for the purposes of the disciplinary and grievance procedures, job sharers will be treated individually.


This policy will be reviewed every two years to ensure compliance with relevant and appropriate employment legislation.


6.1 Guidance Notes on Job Sharing – Employees (Appendix 1)

6.2 Guidelines for Managers (Appendix 2)

6.3 Other HR Policies and terms and conditions of service


  • Support the Work Life Balance PIN Policy July 2015
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Flexible Working Policy 2017
  • Career Break Policy 2016
  • Recruitment and Selection Policy2017
  • AFC Terms and Conditions Handbook
  • Hospital Medical and Dental Staff and Doctors and Dentists in Public Health Medicine and the Community Health Service Terms and Conditions Handbook

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