Our sites are safe and secure and follow the strictest hygiene and cleaning guidelines. Staff will support and guide you throughout your visit.

When you attend a site please ensure that you are wearing a face covering and continue to follow physical distancing guidance.

Please also dress appropriately for the weather, during popular times you may have to wait to be tested.

If you have a mobile phone bring that with you so you can register and receive your results. If you don’t have a mobile phone, we’ll make alternative arrangements to ensure you can get your results easily.

We’ll ask you to take a lateral flow test – this is a quick and easy test which can be processed on site. Results are normally available within a couple of hours but can be quicker. We’ll let you know your results by text or email.

Once you’ve completed the test please return home and wait for your results. Where going home would be difficult, there will be a waiting area within the site with limited capacity which will be prioritised for people who would find it difficult to return to the site.