Getting vaccinated

The Flu vaccination programme began in October for all healthcare, social care, third sector and independent care workers. In recent weeks all teaching staff and prison officers in Fife have also become eligible for a free flu jab. 

Every year in Scotland people are hospitalised with flu and with the rate of COVID-19 transmission remaining high, it’s more important than ever for healthcare workers to get vaccinated.

You can spread flu and COVID-19 to patients and colleagues, even if you have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and reduce your chances of passing these viruses on to your loved ones and those in your care.

If you had your second COVID-19 vaccination dose more than 6 months ago, and you are in an eligible group for a COVID-19 booster, and you can get this at the same time as your flu jab without the need for a separate appointment.

Who is eligible to be vaccinated?

Flu vaccine

Who is being offered the flu vaccine?

All NHS healthcare workers are eligible for flu vaccination.

Social care workers and independent contractors (GP, dental and optometry practices, community pharmacists) who regularly deliver direct personal care and treatment are eligible for flu vaccination. This includes housing support workers and personal assistants.

You are eligible if you work in:

  • hospitals
  • residential care for adults
  • residential care and secure care for children
  • primary and community care settings and community clinics
  • a person’s own home, in the community or daycare centre

More recently, the following groups have also become eligible for a free flu jab:

  • Nursery, primary and secondary school teachers and pupil facing support staff in both a Local Authority and Independent setting
  • Prison officers and support staff who deliver direct front-facing detention services

Read Flu Vaccination information here

COVID-19 Booster vaccine

Who is being offered the COVID-19 booster vaccine?

You are eligible for a Covid booster if you have received your second dose a minimum of 12 weeks previously, and meet the following criteria:-

  • You are aged 40 and over;
  • You are an unpaid carer;
  • You are aged 16 and over and live with someone who is severely immunocompromised
  •  You are a frontline health or social care worker;
  • You are independent contractor within the NHS (including GP, dental and optometry practices, community pharmacists and laboratory staff (working on coronavirus testing) and support staff.

If you are a frontline worker as outlined above (or if you come into contact with patient samples or belongings, such as if you are a laboratory workers or a member of portering staff) and you had your second COVID-19 vaccination dose more than 12weeks*, you can receive a third booster dose at the same time as your flu jab without the need for a separate appointment.

* Not sure if your last vaccine was over 12 weeks ago?  Using the date of your last vaccination, check here with the online calculator.

Vaccinated outside Scotland?

Please note that those who have been vaccinated outside Scotland should bring with them whatever vaccination proof they have which will be accepted as proof of vaccination status.

Read COVID-19 Vaccination information here

Get your Flu and COVID-19 vaccination booster now

As a healthcare or frontline worker, there are two ways to get your flu and/or COVID booster:

Link to the NHS Inform vaccination information pages and self registration portal 

This link provides useful information on how and healthcare and social care workers can book their Flu and, if applicable, their COVID-19 booster at a place and time that is convenient for them.

If you are unsure if you are in an eligible group for COVID-19 vaccination, the portal includes a simple guide.

Read Scottish Government briefing on the healthcare and social care worker booster programme.