Keen to learn more about COVID-19 and actions that all Fifers can take to prevent the virus from being spread, Jessica decided to take her questions straight to the top.  These videos are a result of her interrogation of NHS Fife’s Director of Public Health Dona Milne.

Six-year-old Jessica Gardiner from Kirkcaldy asked Dona Milne questions that she and her friends and family had about coronavirus and the effect it has had on her and young people like her.

In the series of videos that ensued, Jessica covers questions about topics including….

What is Coronavirus?

How do you catch Coronavirus?

What is self isolation?

What about playing with my friends?

How do you wear a face covering properly?

What else do people need to know?

Further information

Anyone experiencing the well-established symptoms of COVID-19 should immediately self-isolate and arrange a test using the NHS inform website at: or by calling 0800 028 2816.

Self-isolation remains a really important measure in helping us to reduce the spread of coronavirus. A local online support hub has been created to provide information on testing for COVID-19 and updates on the pandemic.