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NHS Fife is teaming up with Fife Employment Access Trust (FEAT) to showcase the benefits cognitive therapies can have on employability.

Focussing on the emerging evidence-based approach, Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT),‘Thought Matters’ is a free conference designed to raise awareness of how embedding CRT with other recognised approaches can help a person with severe mental health issues and increase their chances of not only gaining, but also sustaining employment.CRT is delivered through a range of computer programmes, pen and paper exercises and structured activities designed to improve abilities such as attention span, concentration, memory, planning and information processing, leading to improved everyday living.

The conference, the first of its kind in Scotland, will feature a series of workshops and demonstrations, as well as a keynote presentation from Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at King’s College, London, Dr Clare Reeder; a recognised authority in the field.

‘Thought Matters’ takes place at the Fife Renewable Centre, Methil, on Friday 11 March, and is the latest collaboration between NHS Fife and FEAT, following on from the success of the ‘Employ Your Mind’ initiative, which uses computer-based cognitive therapies to help people find opportunities in paid or voluntary employment.

Commenting, Occupational Therapist at FEAT, Inga Davidson, said:

 “An evaluation of CRT within our project has shown that participants stated it had a positive impact on their thinking skills and everyday life.  We have been trailblazing this approach in Scotland and the conference is designed to share the learning we have amassed and encourage wider use of this technique.”

To book a place at the event or to find out more contact either Inga Davidson or Duncan Mitchell on 01592 759 371.