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A new joint union and staff side partnership forum has been established as part of the new Fife Health and Social Care Partnership.  Representatives from NHS Fife and Fife Council’s Trade Unions and Staff Representatives groups along with senior management have signed a new joint agreement which will see the creation of a forum to forge closer partnership working.

Known as the Local Partnership Forum (LPF), the new group will focus on the key issues facing the workforce in delivering health and social care services. The creation of the LPF was formally recognized at the recent launch of Fife’s Health and Social Care Partnership at a highly successful conference.

Fife’s Health and Social Care Partnership Director, Sandy Riddell stated:  “I welcome the creation of this important forum and we should not underestimate the critical role it will play in shaping how our workforce is supported and developed to realise the potential that integration can offer Fife.  It is another positive landmark in Fife’s journey to improving services and people’s experience of health and social care.  As we begin to fully implement the Partnership locally, I want staff to be proud of their professional heritage and move forward with confidence and vision. Different professions bring to the table different skills and experience and all their contributions will be vital to the success of integrated service.”

Simon Fevre, NHS Fife Staff Side Co-Chair of the Health & Social Care Local Partnership Forum added:  “The Agreement signed by all staff representative groups, Trade Unions and management is a formal demonstration that we all are committed to moving forward together. 

“We are now living at a time when we cannot continue to deliver services in a fragmented way and staff are the first to recognise this.  We need joint working to make transformation happen and I believe it can be done.  The LPF is the forum where the vast majority of concerns or issues can be dealt with locally and resolutions agreed in a professional and appropriate way.   There is much opportunity ahead and the LPF will be the aid to help support staff, as well as offer reassurance, as they drive change at a pace and direction that is best for the people of Fife.”

Eleanor Haggett, Fife Council Co-Chair of the Health & Social Care Local Partnership Forum stated:  “I am pleased and encouraged to have the new forum in place and this important agreement signed.  Our focus is to advise on workforce planning and development, staff governance and employee relations and promote equality and diversity as well as to inform thinking around the strategic planning, commissioning and transformation of services.   Our priority is to represent colleagues and give a voice to staff members as new ways of working emerge, whether it is in a specific local area or Fife-wide.  Involvement of staff is key and we have welcomed the many events and consultations held over the last 18 months. 

“But there is much more to be done.  Constructive conversations with staff at both local and service level are the next steps if we are to ensure that the journey to change can continue to be as open and transparent as possible and to the benefit of all.”

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