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If a person with dementia comes into hospital or another care setting they (or their carer) may well be asked to complete a Getting to Know Me document. Getting to know the whole person, and not just the patient and the illness, is the driving motivation behind the nationally developed resource to improve the experiences of people with dementia and their carers when receiving care.

The ‘Getting to Know Me’ documentis a place to record personal information about the persons likes and dislikes, details of family and friends, and things that are important to person with dementia, as well as facts about their care needs.

The information is kept at the bedside during a hospital stay, or with the patient if attending outpatient services, and helps staff to build positive relationships with patients and their carers by allowing them to get a fuller understanding of their life story, preferred routines and specific pieces of information such as what helps them to rest or relax. On discharge from care the document stays with the person with dementia, supporting their care in the next place, whether that is at home, in another hospital, or in a care home.

Getting to Know Me is about recognizing each individual’s unique life story, abilities, likes and dislikes, facilitating person centred care in every care setting.

If you would like more information about Getting to Know Me or would like a copy, please contact Helen Skinner (Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Nurse Consultant) on helen.skinner@nhs.netor 01592 643355 x28429