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Emerging priorities in mental health and addiction: The Virtual World, Ageing and Migration

Conference theme: How to empower individuals and communities who are faced with emerging priorities in mental health and addiction?

The Virtual World: What are the opportunities and challenges that are arising from new information and communication technologies for mental health care services? What are the implications for training and education of mental health care professionals? What are the access and usability challenges associated with these emergent technologies? Will these technologies create a digital divide and produce new or exacerbate existing inequalities in mental health?

Ageing: What is the impact of multi-morbidity and complex disabling conditions on mental health and addiction? What challenges arise at the intersection of loneliness, mental health problems and addiction? What are the implications for mental health services in shifting the point of care from hospital to community settings for older people? What role will technology play in providing mental health services in the community?

Migration: What are the challenges for mental health professionals arising from cumulative forms of pre-and post migration trauma? To what extent are mental health services equipped to address the needs of a culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse client population and which forms of innovation are required to provide equitable high quality services? Which lessons can be drawn from mental health care services in various countries in Europe and beyond?

Join us in the beautiful setting of St Andrews for a day of discussion and debate, with plenary sessions and a range of opportunities for networking and learning. One of Europe’s finest towns, St Andrews is a place of history, learning and culture. A coastal resort and the cradle of golf. St Andrews University has just celebrated its 600th anniversary, one of the oldest in Europe. Emerging priorities in mental health and addiction: the Virtual World, Ageing and Migration