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Everyday our NHS protects our Human rights. We see that our clinical  person centred practice respects the dignity of the individual and preserves life. In our non clinical areas we promote and support the patients freedom of choice in informative and engaging ways. We listen to our patients and actively seek them to be involved, encouraging their civil freedoms.

This year is the 50thAnniversary of the two covenants on Human rights. These were adopted by the United National General Assembly on the 16thDecember 1966.

These agreements, set out a range of ‘Articles’ which make clear our responsibilities in law and which we must abide by and promote. Every four years we set out our Equality Outcome plans, currently this is being renewed and is available in draft for staff and patients to make comment on till January 16th. (Hyper link)

Contact me for further help or to make comment,

Dianne Williamson

Lead for Equality and Human Rights

Equality and Human Rights

1st Floor Hayfield House

Hayfield Road


Fife KY2 5AH

Telephone; 01592648151 or ext 28151