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NHS Fife supporting zero tolerance attitude to staff abuse

Despite it being the season of ‘goodwill’, NHS Fife would like to remind the public that violence and aggression towards healthcare staff is unacceptable and that staff have the right to perform their duties without fear of abuse or violence.

Emergency service workers are more likely to experience work related violence and aggression than other workers, which can rise by more than 60% over the two week festive period. Alcohol misuse is a major factor, however this is no excuse and NHS Fife is encouraging the public to enjoy the festive period with a responsible attitude to drinking and think of the consequences their behaviour may have, not only on healthcare staff but on their own family and friends, if criminal charges are made.

NHS Fife continues to work in partnership with other services to reduce incidents of violence and aggression. The health board promotes an ethos of ‘Zero tolerance’ towards any form of verbal or physical abuse and actively supports staff to report incidents. Individuals who commit offences will face prosecution under the Emergency Workers Act, 2005.

It should be remembered that those emergency services staff providing essential care and support for those in need over the festive period, should be treated with respect and courtesy, after all ‘It’s their Christmas too’.