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The Post Diagnostic Support team plan and implement care for people over 60 following a diagnosis of dementia.  The DPDS team provide support by drawing upon services already available, ensuring a person centred approach is at the heart of service provision. Self management of care and the promotion of independence is encouraged where possible.

The service aim is to develop care plans that account for individual experience, situational factors and level of need. These are developed in collaboration with patients and carers and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

The DPDS is guided by the Alzheimer’s Scotland 5 Pillar model of Dementia Post Diagnostic Support which will guide people diagnosed with dementia to explore the following:

·         Understanding your illness and manage your symptoms

·         Planning for your future decision making

·         Plan for your future care

·         Gain peer support

·         Support you to maintain your community connections.

At the end of the years worth of Post Diagnostic Support the aim is that individuals and their carers have their own comprehensive person centred plan to take forward in order to support them as their dementia progresses. The individual with dementia and their carers will have an understanding of dementia symptoms and possible progression as well as have the means and information to seek out services and support as their situation changes.

For further information please contact:

Dementia Post Diagnostic Support Fife

ICASS Office

Whyteman's Brae Hospital 




Phone: 01592 643355 extension 27288/07900161906

Fax:01592 648079