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NHS Fife is teaming up with rental firm Enterprise to launch an exciting new programme which allows the Board’s staff to access brand new, eco-friendly vehicles for their business travel.

As more and more healthcare services are provided in our communities, our skilled and dedicated workforce of clinicians and support staff often travel between patients in their own personal cars, increasing wear and tear on their own vehicles and meaning they have to spend considerable time reclaiming any expenses they incur.

The new Enterprise Car Club initiative means that NHS Fife staff can now access brand new, eco-friendly vehicles from nine healthcare sites across Fife. The initial rollout will see some 30 vehicles made available to NHS Fife staff, which is planned to increase to 82 over the coming 12 months.

NHS Fife's partnership with Enterprise Car Club offers a number of benefits; firstly, clinical staff will spend less time reclaiming their expenses which releases more time to care for patients. Furthermore, the roll out of Enterprise Car Club will enable financial savings, allowing more resources to be invested in frontline patient care.

As all Enterprise Car Club vehicles have small engines and offer low emissions, the Board will also be reducing its carbon footprint.