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Young Carers Awareness Day is to be held on Thursday 30th January 2020. Young Carers Awareness Day raises awareness of the challenges faced by young carers and campaigns for greater support for them.

Some interesting statistics from Fife

In Fife:

  • 21% of Young Carer’s (YC) look after a sibling with ASD/Autism/learning disability
  • 57% of YC look after someone with a Mental Health illness (along with other comorbidities)
  • 18% of YC look after someone with a physical disability that may require moving and handling support
  • 2% of YC look after someone with drug and alcohol issues (which I think is actually under reported)
  • 2% of YC look after someone with epilepsy

As part of Young Carers Awareness week local YC have written some case studies which might be of interest. To read these case studies go to: Health Sector Case Studies

If you want to refer a Young Carer for support the Young Carers Support Flowchartexplains the process.

For more details Young Carers Awareness Day go to:

Fife Young Carers:

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