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An enlarged prostate is a common problem amongst men over the age of 50 which causes problems with emptying the bladder and can mean more frequent trips to the loo. Traditional treatment methods for this condition involve the use of medication, however this is not always effective and in some cases does cause side-effects. Other surgical options involve removing part of the prostate to improve urine flow, however such procedures require a hospital stay and can also have unwanted side effects. 

Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline has become the first site in Scotland to offer a pioneering new Rezum treatment. The procedure takes around 10-20 minutes to complete and because it is less invasive, patients can be treated as day-cases and can return home the very same day.

The introduction of the Rezum procedure is the latest urological innovation pioneered in the Kingdom and follows on from the successful implementation of the Urolift procedure in 2018. NHS Fife was also the first Health Board in Scotland to perform Urolift, which is an alternative treatment for the condition and uses Implants to retract enlarged prostate tissue.

In addition to the numerous benefits this treatment can offer to patients, the nature of the procedure means that it can be performed in a fraction of the time it takes to perform conventional surgery for enlarged prostate, meaning that going forward surgeons such as Mr Feras Al Jaafari who carried out yesterday's procedure, will be able to treat more patients and reduce time people have to wait for treatment.