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Traffic will initially be diverted via Kincardine Bridge from 22:00 on Friday 29 January while emergency crossovers connecting the Forth Road Bridge to the motorways on either side of the bridge are opened up.

The diversion via Forth Road Bridge is expected to be fully operational by 06:00 on Saturday morning at the latest.

All traffic will then use the Forth Road Bridge until 22:00 on Saturday night, when traffic will again be diverted via Kincardine Bridge while the motorway over the Queensferry Crossing is reopened.

The Queensferry Crossing is expected to reopen by 06:00 on Sunday morning at the latest, when the Forth Road Bridge will resume its normal role as a public transport corridor.

Information on bridge status, high wind restrictions and current weather conditions is available on the website Operational updates are shared on Twitter via @SETrunkRoads.

Real time journey information is available from Traffic Scotland on, Twitter at @trafficscotland or the mobile site