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GPs Near Me

All GP practices and hospitals in Scotland have been asked to increase their use of remote consultations by phone or video. This will mean most people can receive the NHS care and advice they need from their own home to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Other departments Near me

For those who have received an invitation to a Near me appointment for Acute Outpatient departments, Community appointments, Mental Health appointments or for a GP appointment , please use this link to find your appointment.

British Sign Language Near me

NHS Fife has produced a new video in BSL for you about the Near Me appointment service. NearMe is a new video appointment service which aims to provide outpatient consultations as close as possible to home for patients. For NearMe appointments patients use their own computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The patient will see the consultant or other specialist by video. To join the video you will be sent a link to join the consultation by Just Sign Ltd. You will need access to Google Chrome, Internet and a device with a microphone and camera For more information in British Sign Language about how to access the Near me appointment service see the video link from BSL.</p