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Superannuation Fund and Pensions Sub-Committee



Superannuation Fund and Pensions Sub-Committee (9 members)

 Terms of Reference

The remit of the Superannuation Fund and Pensions Sub-Committee shall be:-

• to arrange for the supervision of the management and administration of the investments of the Superannuation Fund, common good fund and all trust funds and to make decisions in regard to the appointment of fund managers in that regard; and

• to consider and determine (except insofar as delegated to the Executive Director (Finance and Corporate Services) or any other officer) all matters relating to the Council’s functions in regard to pensions administered by the Council including:-

• the effect for the Council of early retirals (in respect of which regular reports shall be submitted to the Policy and Co-ordination Committee);
• the effect of “strains on the fund” costs as defined in the Accounts Commission’s report “Bye Now, Pay Later”;
• the implications, including financial implications arising from any legal matter relating to the Council’s responsibilities for pensions or resulting from any government policy initiative;
• any matter relating to the Council as administering authority for the Superannuation Fund under the Superannuation Regulations;
• actuarial valuation reports and any matter arising therefrom;
• consideration of any government proposals or consultation papers relating to pension issues and responses on behalf of the Council thereto;
• best value/service efficiency reviews in regard to areas within its remit; and
• review of contribution rates and admission of new employees to the Fife Council Superannuation Scheme.

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