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Access Keys

You can navigate our website more easily using keyboard shortcuts known as access keys. These are employed throughout our main website, and follow the recommended UK Government standard. Access keys give a keyboard or screen-reader user quick and easy access to all the main areas of the site.

Access keys used on fifedirect
KeyLinks to
SSkip to Content (A hidden link at the top of every page. It is the first link and, when selected, you skip past the main navigation items to start at the main page content.)
2About Us
3Site Map
4Site Search
7Your Health
8Hospitals & Facilities
9Feedback form
0Access key details (this page)
AAbout NHS Fife
NNews and events
PView a printer friendly version of this page
ZA-Z index
Windows Operating System
BrowserAccess key
Internet ExplorerAlt [key number] Enter
Mozilla, Netscape, K-MeleonAlt [key number]
OperaShift + Esc [key number]
Macintosh Operating System
BrowserAccess key
Internet ExplorerCtrl [key number] Enter
Mozilla, NetscapeCtrl [key number]
OperaShift + Esc [key number]
Linux Mandrake Operating System
BrowserAccess key
Galeon, MozillaAlt [key number]
Browser versions that recognise access keys
Internet Explorerversion 4.x and later
Mozilla, Firefoxversion 1.x and later
Netscape Navigatorversion 6.x and later
Opera (PC)version 7.x and later
Opera (Mac)version 6.x and later
K-Meleonversion 6.x and later
Spirit MetaBrowserversion 1.x and later
Galeonversion 1.x and later

Possible Accessibility Problems

  • Links to external websites

    Off-site links open in a new browser window.
  • Maps

    We use google for online maps.


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