As we live longer, more people will develop long term conditions. They will live with them for the rest of their lives. A long term condition is described as "one that requires on-going professional care, limits what the person with the condition can do and is likely to last longer than a year". It is not about any one condition, care group or age category and includes people with learning disabilities and mental health problems.

We divide these patients into three groups:

  1. Most patients are usually able to manage their own condition with the right advice and support (70-80%)
  2. Some need more professional care to avoid complications or slow the progression of their diseases; there is a need for this group and care providers to work as partners (15-20%)
  3. A smaller group with complex needs. They need amore intensive level of care This is often called 'case management'. This is a co-ordinated and proactive approach (no more than 3-5%).

For more help, support and information regarding Long Term Conditions please click the following link: Living with My Condition



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