No Smoking Day 2019 - Wednesday 13th March

Archived news: published on Friday 22 Feb 2019 by NHS Fife

No Smoking Day 2019

No Smoking Day 2019

No smoking day campaign aims to help people who want to stop smoking by creating a supportive environment for them, and by highlighting the many sources of help available to people who want to quit.

Across the country around three quarters of a million smokers will make a quit attempt around this time of year.  These amazing figures are overwhelmingly down to the hardwork and commitment of professionals and volunteers around the country like you.  However big or small, your effort to make the No Smoking Day campaign the success it is.

Main Messages of campaign are:

  • It is a good opportunity to stop
  • Smokers can get help when they want to stop
  • There are health and other benefits to stopping smoking

What the campaign does:

  • Spurs smokers into action – around three quarters of a million smokers make a quit attempt each year
  • Appeals to smokers of all types – whatever their age, sex or social class
  • Publicises and explains the help that smokers can get when they want to stop

What the campaign doesn’t do:

  • Try to force smokers to stop - the majority of smokers who have a go want to quit
  • Harass smokers – its not about picking on smokers
  • Work in isolation – smokers need support before and after the day too.


Quit Your Way: Fife Stop Smoking Services

Attending a stop smoking service means that smokers who want to quit have the best help available and are 4 times as likely to quit. 

We know that many smokers decide to quit around No Smoking Day, so Fife Stop Smoking services operate a self-referral system, whereby the smoker can telephone and make an appointment to see a stop smoking advisor.

Stop smoking services in Fife are free and help people who want to stop smoking to tackle the many factors involved in tobacco dependence. The services operate a withdrawal oriented model of support either on a one to one or group basis. This involves helping clients prepare to stop smoking, to set a quit date and provide ongoing support. Provision of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or other smoking cessation aids such as or Champix also forms part of the programme.

  • Quit Your Way Pregnancy

Many parents-to-be think it will be easy to stop smoking during pregnancy for the sake of the baby. Instead they still find it a struggle. Quit for life is for pregnant women and their partners who want to stop smoking and who want help. The service offers ongoing support before and during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

  • Quit Your Way Pharmacy

Community pharmacy support is available within all pharmacies in Fife, offering individual support, which involves 12 weeks of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or Champix and  stop smoking support, with flexible appointment times available.


Stop Smoking Training Courses

The following courses will be available later in the year. If you would like further information please contact Kay Samson on 01592 226501 or

  • Raising the Issue of Smoking – elearning module

This module has been produced by NHS Health Scotland and can be accessed through their Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at and is suitable for anyone who has a role to play in improving an individual’s health.

  • Health Behaviour Change Level 1 and 2 – eLearning Modules

The modules have been produced by NHS Health Scotland and can be accessed through their Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at They are for anyone who wants to learn about Health Behaviour Change and are free of charge.

  • Raising the Issue of Second Hand Smoke and ‘The Protection of Children’

This session will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to actively support parents/carers to reduce children’s exposure to second hand tobacco smoke.

  • Smoking and Cannabis methods and Approaches

This course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to enable more effective engagement with tobacco and cannabis users.


Further courses are available and run regularly. If you would like more information about the content of the modules please visit our website at or contact us on: Tel: 01592 226488 or E-mail:


Useful Websites

Quit your way Scotland

Quit Your Way Scotland is an advice and support service for anyone trying to stop smoking in Scotland.  Whether you're ready to stop, just beginning to think about it, or are just looking for information, Quit Your Way Scotland is here to help you.

Quit Your Way Scotland has no minimum age limit, and you have the choice to chat with us for free on the phone or through webchat. The service is also supported by stop smoking information on the NHS inform website.

You can trust Quit Your Way Scotland to respect your confidentiality. You won't receive any letters and we won't share your information without your consent.? If you wish, you can use the service anonymously.

Action on Smoking and Health Scotland provides a Scottish perspective on tobacco issues and displays some of the unique project work going on in Scotland.

Health Promotion Information and Resources Centre website provides access to a range of free resources and leaflets and posters.


Tobacco Co-ordinator, Health Promotion Fife

If you would advice and support on any area of Tobacco Control please do not hesitate to contact Kay Samson on 01592 226501 or email


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