Biomedical Scientist named Sunday Mail Unsung Hero

Published: Sunday 29 Oct 2017

Tracey Jolliffe

Tracey Jolliffe

Congratulations to Tracey Joliffe who received the Unsung Hero Award at last nights Sunday Mail Great Scot Awards 2017.
Tracey is a remarkable woman for many reasons. Not only does she run a legally certified bat hospital out of her spare room, she’s also an organ donor.
But arguably the most remarkable thing about the Biomedical Scientist from Kirkcaldy is that she is an altruistic organ donor; she donates parts of her body to complete. After stumbling across the concept of altruistic donation in a magazine around five years ago, Tracey was inspired to donate one of her kidneys to someone needing a transplant. Someone she had never and possibly would never After thinking long and hard about it, Tracey informed her work that she would need some time off and - only twelve weeks later the procedure- she was back in the labs, just as fit and healthy as she had been before the donation. All that Tracey knows about the recipient of her kidney was a message a week later saying the patient was thriving.
Over the years, Tracey has always made the extra effort to donate, giving eggs, stems cells and blood to those in need. She takes every opportunity to spread the word about the importance of organ donation and even gave a prestigious Ted Talk on the subject.
And if she had a spare kidney? She says she’d donate that too.
(Pictured: Tracey was recently visited at the labs by a camera crew to make a short film about her nomination.)


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