Prostate Awareness Month

Published: Tuesday 14 Mar 2017

Be Prostate Aware

Be Prostate Aware

March is Prostate Awareness Month, and the awareness-raising campaign in Fife is supported by Fife Health & Social Care Partnership, NHS Fife, and Prostate Scotland.  

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer for men in Scotland. It mainly affects men over 50 and risk increases with age. Men under 50 can get prostate cancer but it is less common.

It’s important to recognise early signs and symptoms and visit your GP if you have any concerns.

Look out for:

  • Needing to urinate often and during the night
  • Needing to urinate without much warning
  • Difficulty in starting to urinate

Davey, from Kirkcaldy, was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was 59. He said: “My waterworks were always regular, so I knew something wasn’t right, but I’m not one for going to the doctors and just ignored it thinking it was maybe just something that happens as you get older.

“My wife began to notice something wasn’t quite right, and nagged me to go to the doctor. I eventually made an appointment and was quickly diagnosed with prostate cancer. That was five years ago and I have been one of the lucky ones. Prostate awareness campaigns like this one are very important.”

Dr Neil Pryde, Cancer Services Lead GP NHS Fife, said: “Prostate cancer for most men can be controlled, or even cured if caught early enough. Any man noticing a change when urinating should see their GP. It’s not usually prostate cancer, but you can’t be sure until you’re checked.”

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