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Fife breast cancer survivors have their eye on the ball at bingo


Breast cancer survivors had their eyes down at Carlton Bingo’s Dunfermline club today, Friday 30 November 2012, to help raise awareness of the different visual signs of breast cancer.


The Scottish-based bingo company has thrown its backing to the Scottish Government’s Detect Breast Cancer Early campaign to help communicate the ‘Number nine – Doctor’s orders’ message that one in nine women in Scotland will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.


The buy-in from the 14-club strong bingo outfit will see clubs promoting the campaign by displaying campaign posters and communicating campaign messages to bingo players in clubs across the country.


Although the majority of breast cancers are detected from a lump, around 20 per cent of patients go to their GP with other signs, including dimples, skin like orange peel, crusty or leaking nipples or a nipple that’s become turned in.


Getting to know your breasts and being aware of any changes to them is a key message of this Scottish Government campaign, considering one in nine women in Scotland will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.


Medical Director, Dr Brian Montgomery at NHS Fife, said, “This campaign helps women to recognise the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and encourages them to get checked out if they have any worries or concerns. This is really important as the earlier a cancer is detected the more successful the treatment is likely to be.


“It s great that companies like Carlton Bingo are supporting the Detect Cancer Early campaign and helping to spread the word amongst their members.”


Shaun Gibson, General Manager of the Carlton Bingo in Dunfermline said, “A large number of our members are women and we understand how important this campaign is to target this particular audience and make them more aware of the signs of breast cancer and what changes to look for. We’ll be working in this club to highlight signs of breast cancer in the hope that women will go back home and check for themselves for any changes.”

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