NHS Fife’s workforce consists of approximately 9,000 employees across a range of geographical settings and professions groupings.  Ensuring we have knowledge of the Protected Characteristics of our workforce, and their working practices, allows NHS Fife to work in partnership to embed employment practices aimed at supporting employees in work, and aids us to identify steps which can be taken to reduce underrepresentation of people from particular group(s).


A number of workforce reports are produced throughout the year providing an analysis of the Protected Characteristic breakdown of our workforce at the various stages of employment.  These reports compare and contrast the workforce breakdown with a range of other indicators including NHS Scotland information and the results from Scotland’s Census, to ensure our employment practices are not, unintentionally, having a detrimental impact of any group.



Fundamental to this work is identifying developments which would promote Equality & Diversity within the workplace, improve representation of minority groups and enable a culture where equality is valued and actively promoted. This commitment is incorporated in NHS Fife’s Equality Plan.


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