Alex Baldacchino Dr Amanda Wood
R&D Director: Dr. Alex Baldacchino

Assistant R&D Director: Dr. Amanda Wood

R&D Director: Dr. Alex Baldacchino represents, promotes and supports the Department at the national, regional and Board levels. 

Assistant R&D Director: Dr. Amanda Wood oversees the entire department and works to ensure that the Board’s R&D strategy objectives are achieved, creating and maintaining links within/outside NHS Fife.

Dr. Fay Crawford Lead Research Nurse: Karen Gray

Senior Research Advisor: Dr. Fay Crawford leads the training and support programme, providing advice clinics and 1:1 support across the organisation.

Lead Research Nurse: Karen Gray manages the research nurse team and ensures that their capacity to support studies is maximised.

Research Nurses: The department includes 12 R&D research nurses who are available to undertake both commercial and non-commercial research in most clinical/therapeutic areas. A number of the nurses are supported by the topic specific research networks, including Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes and Mental Health.

 Claire Stewart Fiona Adam Fleur Davey
Hazel Cree Keith Boath Laura Beveridge
Linda Lister Mandy Couser Susan Fraser
Amanda McGregor Vacant post Vacant post


Clinical Research Assistants: The department includes 3 Clinical Research Assistants who provide clinical and administrative support to the R&D research nurses.

 Christine Coventry Sue Pick Linzi Wilson


Pharmacy: Jennifer Tait is the dedicated Clinical Trials Pharmacist and Michelle Tingley and Maria Simpson are the dedicated Clinical Trials Pharmacy Technicians who assist with any research involving drugs.

 Jennifer Tait Michelle Tingley Maria Simpson

Finance: Gwen Stenhouse is the dedicated Business Accountant for the department

Gwen Stenhouse

Approvals, Management and Governance: Aileen Yell, the Research Governance Officer, ensures that all documents are in place and a full review of the study has been undertaken prior to R&D approval, as well as collecting recruitment and other data and monitoring progress and amendments throughout the life of the study

Aileen Yell
Aileen Yell

Administrative support: R&D Support Officer Roy Halliday ensures the smooth running of the office, organises meetings and events and assists in the monitoring and management of studies.

Roy Halliday

Trials Facilitator: Julie Aitken facilitates feasibility and set-up process as well as monitoring recruitment. 



Julie Aitken
Julie Aitken


You can contact the NHS Fife R&D at:

Research and Education Centre

Queen Margaret Hospital

Whitefield Road


KY12 0SU


To telephone any member of the team, dial 01383 623623 and the extension number listed below or via the mobile number if available. 


R&D Office

Aitken, Julie

R&D Trials Facilitator

Extension: 20306

Baldacchino, Alex

R&D Director

Extension: 20955

Crawford, Fay

Senior Research Advisor

Extension: 24364

Halliday, Roy

R&D Support Officer

Extension: 20955

Stenhouse, Gwen

R&D Business Accountant

Extension: 28848

Wood, Amanda

Assistant R&D Director

Extension: 20941

Yell, Aileen

R&D Research Coordinator

Extension: 20940



R&D Research Teams

Adam, Fiona

Senior R&D Oncology Research Nurse

Extension: 20953

Mobile: 07837566279

Beveridge, Laura

Senior R&D Research Nurse

Extension: 20950

Boath, Keith

Senior R&D Research Nurse

Extension: 20951

Mobile: 07866 970322

Couser, Mandy

Senior R&D Stroke Research Nurse

Extension: 20950

Mobile: 07773193828

Coventry, Tina

R&D Clinical Research Assistant

Extension: 24462

Cree, Hazel

Senior R&D Haematology Research Nurse

Extension 20307

Davey Fleur

Senior R&D Mental Health Research Nurse

Extension: 20950

Fowler Susan

Senior R&D Diabetes Research Nurse

Extension: 24462

Gill, Anna Senior R&D Dermatology Research Nurse Extension: 20945

Gray, Karen

Lead R&D Research Nurse

Extension: 20947

Mobile: 07867 331576

Lister, Linda

Senior R&D Primary Care Research Nurse

Extension: 20952

Mobile: 07812678688

McGregor, Amanda

R&D Research Nurse

Extension: 24047

Mobile: 07969 053566

Penman, Julie

R&D Clinical Research Assistant

Extension: 20954

Pick, Sue

R&D Clinical Research Assistant

Extension: 20949

Stewart, Claire

Senior R&D Research Nurse

Extension: 20944

Mobile: 07837566279



Clinical Trials Pharmacy Staff

Tait, Jennifer

Senior Pharmacist - Clinical Trials

Extension: 28513

Simpson, Maria

Senior Clinical Trials Pharmacy Technician

Extension: 20847

Tingley, Michelle

Senior Clinical Trials Pharmacy Technician

Extension: 21424



For more information contact

Allyson Bailey, R&D Commercial Manager 
Contact Allyson Bailey online


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