Becoming a parent is a very special time. Getting to know your baby and learning to care for her can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. However it can also be very challenging especially when you are tired and your baby is awake and wanting to feed frequently through the night.

It might be reassuring to know that it is essential and normal for your baby to want to feed throughout the night. Babies grow very quickly and because they have such a small stomach they need feeds often both day and night

Although most new parents think that they will never sleep with their baby, research shows that many do so for various reasons. On any given night a fifth of all UK babies spend at least part of the night sleeping with one or both of their parents. In addition to the increased risk of SIDS that is associated with bed-sharing with a smoker (or being smoke-exposed during pregnancy), or with a recent alcohol or drug user, there is also a risk of accidents when adults sleep on the same surface as a baby. In order to reduce the chance of accidents it is important to be informed about bed-sharing safety, whether or not you intend to do it, as we sometimes fall asleep with our babies when we don't mean to - especially during night-time feeds.

This is the new updated Caring for your baby at night information resource. This has been published by unicef.

The Lullaby Trust have also produced an information resource Sharing a bed with your baby

 All of this information is also available on your pregnancy notes app.


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