Our workforce

In many ways the history of the NHS is the history of its people. NHS staff across the decades have played an extraordinary role in the development and transformation of services and have been central to advances and innovations in modern healthcare.

Roles have changed and evolved over the years and multi-disciplinary working has grown in importance, but without the contribution, hard work and dedication of staff our NHS would not be what it is today.








Meet the Workforce


Our domestics are unsung heroes. Often operating under the radar, they keep everything ticking over and play a crucial role in our hospitals. We caught up with three of the team to talk about their changing role, and the importance of a good sense of humour




Meet Isabella and Stewart. The duo are two of our best known and longest serving catering staff with almost 80 years between them. We popped along to speak to them about changes in the kitchen over the years...and the odd practical joke...



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