The following services are available to make your stay in hospital as comfortable as possible.


Hearing LoopHearing Loop System
To ensure privacy during consultation with the medical staff, personal communication devices can be provided for patients who are hard of hearing. Please ask the nurse responsible for your care should you require this.


You will find a radio headset at your bedside where you can tune into a selection of radio stations. Personal music players may also be used with head/earphones to ensure other patients are not disturbed.


There are televisions in the hospital day rooms. Some wards may also have a television.


Portable Payphones
These are available within the hospital, although do not accept incoming calls. Should you wish to use them, please the hospital staff.

You may also be able to use your mobile telephone whilst in hospital. The staff responsible for your care will be able to advise if this is appropriate.


NewsNewspapers and Magazines
These are available to purchase from the shops located within the hospital.


Post is delivered daily to you. Please ask friends and relatives to write your full name and ward number clearly on any mail. Post boxes are located within the hospital and mail is uplifted daily. Stamps can be purchased from the shops located within the hospital.


CareHospital Chaplaincy
There is always a hospital Chaplain available to give pastoral care and spiritual support. You may contact the Chaplain by asking a member of staff or through the hospital switchboard. Your own faith representative / leader may also visit you at any time. The hospital Chapel is a place of peace and quiet available to everyone and is open 24 hours.


Please note that Guide dogs are generally the only animals allowed within the hospital.

Facilities at Specific Hospitals

HospitalFor information about facilities at specific hospitals, such as details of shops, coffee shops or dining rooms, click on the hospital below.




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