For detailed visiting hours for a particular hospital/ward see the hospitals below.

NHS Fife recognise that visiting a person in hospital plays a vital part in helping their recovery. We encourage you to visit your family and friends but ask that you work with us by following the guidance below to support recovery and to reduce the infection risks to patients.


When Can I Visit?

Victoria Hospital 

All Acute Services Adult inpatient wards now believe in a flexible approach to visiting.  We no longer have a strict visiting time policy, however we ask that consideration is given in the morning, at mealtimes and again at bedtime.  For everyone’s comfort we ask that a maximum of 2 to 3 visitors per bed is adhered to and visitors may be asked to vacate at time when clinical activity has to take priority.  We welcome and value visitors to our wards and believe that we should all be seen as partners in the care of our patients. 


Queen Margaret Hospital

Visiting Times for the majority of wards in  Queen Margaret Hospital are between 2:00pm and 8:00pm. Where times differ from this, the information will be clearly displayed at the entrance to the Ward. If you are unable to attend during these times, please discuss with the Nurse in Charge to arrange an alternative time to visit. Visiting at mealtimes is restricted with exceptions for seriously ill patients and those visitors assisting with meals. Please discuss this with the Nurse in Charge.


All Other Hospitals

Please check with the hospital/ward directly using the links below.


How many Visitors?

Normally, visiting is limited to two people at any one time.  In certain circumstances e.g. where a patient is seriously ill, close family and friends may visit out of normal visiting hours - this should be agreed in advance with the Nurse in Charge.


How long should I stay?

Patients may get tired very quickly so think about the length of your visit and support the patient by ensuring that they also have an opportunity to rest


Can Children Visit?

Children over 12 years are welcome to visit during standard visiting hours, however, children under 12, including infants, should be the patient’s own children/step-children/grandchildren. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times within the hospital.


How can I help Fight Infection?

Please help us fight infection by following these four simple rules when you come into one of our hospitals:

  • clean your hands before and after visiting a hospital ward using the gel provided
  • don’t visit if you feel unwell, have a cold, diarrhoea or vomiting
  • don’t bring perishable foods in to our hospitals
  • do not sit on the patients bed or patient chair


How can I help protect Privacy and Dignity?

Members of the Healthcare team may ask you to wait outside if they have to carry out treatment or have a conversation with any of the patients in the room. We would ask that you respect this and the member of staff will let you know as soon as you can return.

Visitors with any equipment such as mobile phones, cameras or camcorder should ensure that they are turned off whilst in the hospital.


Should I bring flowers?

We would ask that you don’t bring flowers or plants for patients and suggest that it may be better to do this following discharge. You may wish to consider an alternative gift.


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