You will be involved in the planning of your discharge and will usually be given at least 24 hours notice to allow you to make any necessary arrangements.

On occasion, a shorter period of notice may apply, by agreement with you.

Before you are discharged, the staff will organise any support services you may need on your return home such as:

  • Home Help
  • District Nurse
  • Physiotherapy
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Equipment

You will be given a letter of discharge to give to your GP. You may also be given a letter to give to your District Nurse. Such letters should be passed on as soon as practicable as they contain details of what treatment you should receive.

If you need any medicines you will be given a 7-day supply before you leave the ward to tide you over until you see your General Practitioner.

If you need an Outpatient appointment, a date may be given to you before you leave. Otherwise, a card giving the necessary information will be sent to your home.

Before leaving the ward, check that you have collected all your belongings. If you are not going back immediately to your own home, please leave a forwarding address. This will allow hospital staff to send on any mail.

Smoking is a health hazard and NHS Fife wishes to provide a smoke-free environment. A no smoking policy operates throughout all hospital grounds and buildings. Your co-operation is required and appreciated.


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