Referrals to the dietetic department are made via the consultant, GP, other Health Care Professionals and occasionally a self referral by the patient.

Once the referral is received, a letter is sent to the patient, parent, carer or next of kin asking them to make an appointment at an appropriate clinic. The onus is on the patient to Opt In, i.e. make the appointment within the month.

An information leaflet is sent out to patients prior to their first appointment giving details of what the first appointment will involve.

The total number of appointments given to each patient will depend on their needs. A report will be sent to the consultant or GP after the patient is first seen, if there are any major changes, and on discharge.

Please think about what questions you would like to ask. You can also bring someone with you to your appointment.

The Dietitian will, for patients referred:

  1. Nutritional assessment for the patients
  2. Plan the dietary treatment
  3. Education for the patient and their relatives or carers
  4. Monitor progress; Help the patient to follow the diet, by solving problems and providing more information.
  5. Reporting; Communicating the patients progress back to the GP and other Health Professionals
  6. Discharge

1st June 2016


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