Flu can be a serious illness and if you have underlying health conditions then you are likely to be more at risk.


The best way to protect yourself against the flu virus is to be vaccinated.

If you are:-

  • Aged 65 or over
  • Have a medical condition which puts you in the 'at risk' group eg if you have heart and lung problems
  • A pregnant woman
  • An unpaid carer of any age
  • work in health care

You are eligible to have the seasonal flu vaccine. Contact your GP Practice to book an appointment. The vaccination takes around 10 days to work and should protect you from the flu for another year.


The flu vaccine is offered to all children in Scotland aged 2-5 (and not yet in school) at their GP Practice. it is offered to all primary school children at school.


If you catch the flu, there are a number of steps you can take to help you recover. Firstly, stay at home, get plenty of rest and make sure that you drink enough fluid to keep yourself hydrated. Water is best, particularly if you have a high temperature.


Taking simple painkillers such as paracetamol can help to bring your temperature down. Cough medicines are available over-the-counter from your local pharmacy. If you have a medical condition or you are taking prescription medicines, consult your Pharmacist who will be able to advise which is most suitable for you.


You can reduce the risk of spreading the flu to others by covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze. You should also make sure you wash your hands regularly and dispose of any tissues immediately after use.

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