A healthy diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle at any time, but it is vital in pregnancy or when planning a pregnancy.

Healthy eating in pregnancy will help your baby to grow and develop.  You dont need to go on a special diet but it is important to eat a variety of different foods to get the right balance of nutrients for you and your baby.

Pregnancy is a time of life when gaining some weight is to be expected. It’s natural to be concerned about your food intake and how much weight you could gain

You might be surprised to hear that there are no formal recommendations for weight gain during pregnancy in the UK, however modest weight gain is thought to be essential during pregnancy.

Your weight will increase because of the weight of the baby and the placenta, as well as the extra body fluid, blood, fat stores and tissue your body builds to protect baby. Generally this adds up to around 14lbs but weight gain will vary from individual to individual. Your midwife might give you advice on what to aim towards depending on your weight at the start of your pregnancy.

Contrary to popular belief and as tempting as it might be the need to ‘eat for two’ is unnecessary and out of date. On average a pregnant women needs few extra calories during a pregnancy. 

Up until six months into your pregnancy the baby will grow well without you needing to have any extra calories. In the last three months of pregnancy the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) suggests that only an extra 200kcal per day is needed. This equates to no more than a couple of slices of bread or a good portion of fruit and fat free fromage frais, so it’s definitely not eating for two



 The bump club

The bump club is a group which meets every Tuesday evening, we offer healthy eating advice, exercise and friendship.

The group is run by the midwife Gwen Smith and is open to anyone interested in keeping an eye on their weight gain in pregnancy.

Here are some of the testimonials from ladies who have attended in the past.

'This is a MUST for all new mums starting their pregnancy journey

Gwen, is the most positive, funny , straight talking midwife you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. She puts all nervous new
mums-to-be at ease and she will answer all question honestly

She helps guide you through your pregnancy offering advise on healthy eating/exercise and what to expect in the coming months.
I met 5 amazing girls at the class , we shared our ups and downs of pregnancy and met weekly to cry, laugh and moan about how tired we were in the first few months of motherhood, while enjoying coffee and cake. 3 years on we are all firm friends and the most amazing support system . Highly recommend this class to all pregnant woman , Gwen is a star and the service she provides is second to none'

 Bump Club was the best thing I ever went along to when I fell pregnant, I have never felt so comfortable and supported by any midwife like I did with Gwen!! No problem or worry was ever stupid and to top it off I got to hear my baby's heart beat every week! Gwen kept me healthy and active and to loose a stone immediately after having a baby is a bonus! Every mum especially first time mums should have this support!
Can't recommend this group enough '




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