a place to be smoke freeWhat are the rule regarding smoking on NHS Sites?

Scottish Government policy dictates that all NHS sites across Scotland are to be smokefree from 31 March 2015. From this date, patients, visitors and staff will be asked to wait until they are off NHS grounds before lighting up.  This means that smoking is not allowed inside buildings or on the grounds e.g. gardens, footpaths, car parks, staff residential areas, entrances, bus stops and in any vehicle whilst on NHS sites.


What can I do to help me cope without smoking while in hospital? 

It is recognised how much effort is required from smokers to refrain from smoking on NHS grounds at what can often be a particularly stressful time, therefore, our ward staff are now equipped  to provide nicotine replacement products to help reduce cravings during your visit.

If you want more information on this, or get started before you attend, please contact check our smoking section.


Can I ask the nurse to take me off site to have a cigarette?

No.  Nurses are not allowed to smoke while on duty or while wearing their NHS uniform, therefore, they would be disciplined for doing so. 

If you feel that this may be a good time for you to stop smoking then contact one of our stop smoking services and talk it over with an advisor.  For access direct access to Fife service dial 0800 025 3000.


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