Below is a list of common abbreviations/acronyms used within NHS Fife:

18 Weeks RTT         18 weeks Referral to Treatment
A&E                            Accident & Emergency
ABI                             Alcohol Brief Intervention
ACF                            Area Clinical Forum
ADC                           Area Distribution Centre
ADP                            Alcohol & Drugs Partnership
AfC                             Agenda for Change
AHP                            Allied Health Professionals
AMAU                         Acute Medical Admission Unit
AMC                           Area Medical Committee
APF                            Area Partnership Forum
Arbuthnott                Formula for allocating revenue on a national basis being replaced by NRAC (see below)
ASAU                         Acute Surgical Admissions Unit
BNF                            British National Formulary
CAMHS                     Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
CBT                            Cognitive Behaviour Therapies
CCU                           Coronary Care Unit
CD                              Clinical Director
C.Diff                          Clostridium Difficile
CEO                           Chief Executive Office
CFS                            Counter Fraud Services

CHD                           Chronic Heart Disease
CHI                             Community Health Index
CHP                           Community Health Partnership
CLO                            Central Legal Office
CAN                           Could Not Attend

COPD                         Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
COPS                         Chief Officers Public Safety Group

CPN                            Community Psychiatric Nurse
CPP                            Community Planning Partnership

CRL                            Capital Resource Limit
CT (scanner)            Computerised Tomography (scanner)
DOF                            Director of Finance
DNA                           Did Not Attend
DPA                            Data Protection Act 1998
DVT                            Deep Vein Thrombosis
ENT                             Ear, Nose & Throat
EQIA                           Equality Impact Assessment
EWTD or EWTR        European Working Time Directive or Regulations
FHWBA                      Fife Health & Wellbeing Alliance
Fife Stat                     Performance Management Tool used by the Strategic Management Team
FPEG                          Fife Partnership Executive Group
FPH                            Forth Park Hospital
FOI                             Freedom of Information
FOISA                        Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002
FY1/FY2                     Foundation Year 1/2 (Medical Trainee)
GHMS                        General Hospitals and Maternity Services
GIRFEC                      Getting It Right For Every Child
GJNH                         Golden Jubilee National Hospital
GMS                           General Medical Services
GPwSI                       GP with Special Interest
GUM                           Genito-Urinary Medicine
H&SCI                        Health and Social Care Integration
H&SCP                      Health and Social Care Partnership
HEAT Targets          Health Improvement
                                    Efficiency and Governance
                                    Access to Services
                                    Treatment Appropriate to Individuals

HAI                             Healthcare Associated Infection
HDU                           High Dependency Unit
HEI                             Healthcare Environment Inspectorate
HIS                             Health Improvement Scotland
HR                              Human Resources
IP                                In-Patient
IS                                Information Services
IT                                 Information Technology
ITU                              Intensive Therapy Unit
JHIP                           Joint Health Improvement Plan
JIT                              Joint Improvement Team
KCND                         Keep Childbirth Natural and Dynamic
KSF                            Knowledge and Skills Framework

LDP                            Local Delivery Plan
LMU                           Local Management Unit
LoS                            Length of Stay
LPF                            Local Partnership Forum
LTC                            Long Term Conditions
MaxFax                     Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
MCC                           Modernising Clinical Careers
MCaN                         Managed Care Network  
MCN                           Managed Clinical Network
MMC                           Modernising Medical Careers
MOU                           Memorandum of Understanding
MRI                             Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRSA                        Methicillin-resistent Staphylococcus aureus  

MSN                           Managed Service Network
NES                            NHS Education Scotland (a Special Health Board)
NRAC                         National Revenue Allocation Committee
Obs & Gyn                Obstetrics and Gynaecology
OPD                           Out-Patients Department
Paeds                        Paediatrics
PCES                         Primary Care Emergency Service
PDP                            Personal Development Plan
PFB                            Patient Focussed Booking

PFPI                           Patient Focus and Public Involvement
PIN                             Partnership Information Network
PPF                            Public Partnership Forum
PTS                            Passenger Transport Service (managed by the Scottish Ambulance Service)
QMH                         Queen Margaret Hospital
RFF                            Right for Fife
RHSC                        Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Edinburgh or Glasgow)
RRL                           Revenue Resource Limit
SAB                           Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteraemia
SAS                           Scottish Ambulance Service
SCN                           Senior Charge Nurse
SEAT                         South East and Tayside Regional Planning Group
SGHSCD                   Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorate
SIG                             Strategy Implementation Group
SIGN                          Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network
SMT                           Strategic Management Team
SOA                           Single Outcome Agreement
SPF                            Scottish Partnership Forum
SPSP                         Scottish Patient Safety Programme
SWAG                       Scottish Workforce and Staff Governance
TTG                            Treatment Time Guarantee
VHK                           Victoria Hospital

WLI                            Waiting List Initiative

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