If you have concerns about your child's mental health, please contact your health visitor, school, GP or other professional involved with your family.


Please read through the list of services below to identify the most appropriate support for the child or young person you are concerned about.


Services to support the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people in Fife:

Service Description Contact

ADHD Pathway

The ADHD pathway supports children displaying inattention and impulsivity, both at home and school. Referrals across Fife should be made to the Single Point of Access (SPOA) email address. 01592 645205 (ext 45205)
Autism Assessment Pathway (AAP) The Autism Assessment Pathway (AAP) provides assessment for children and young people who may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Referrals across Fife should be made to the Single Point of Access (SPOA) email address. 01383 623623 (ext 25370)
Barnardo’s Barnardo's Children's Services (Fife) provides a range of services including support for children affected by parental substance misuse, a rights and advocacy service and a family support service. 01592 651482
CEDAR Project The CEDAR project in Fife runs groups for children, young people and their mothers who have experienced domestic abuse. 01592 583676
CAMHS Fife Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) is for children and young people who are experiencing persistent, complex or severe mental health difficulties. CAMHS is specialist provision and universal/additional support should be actively engaged prior to referral.
Clued Up Project Clued Up provides education, prevention, early intervention and diversion for young people under 25 affected by their own or someone else's substance use.

01592 858248

Community Paediatrics Community Paediatricians provide a specialised service to children and young people with a range of special (educational) needs, developmental disorders and disabilities. 01592 645205
Cruse Cruse offer one to one support for bereaved people with a trained volunteer. 0845 600 2227
Alcohol &
DAPL work with anyone who is affected by their own or another’s substance use. DAPL also provide counselling and group work to support emotional health and wellbeing. 01333 422277
Educational Psychology Educational Psychology work with children and young people whose educational progress is impacted by their learning, behavioural or emotional difficulties. West - 01383 602379
Central - 01592 583348
North East - 01334 659327
Family Support Service (previously FACST) The Family Support Service aim to support at risk families in conjunction with other agencies. West - 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 406789
Central - 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 446841
East - 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 450588
Families First  The service offers 1:1 befriending services to 5 to 16 year olds to help reduce isolation, develop self-esteem and improve social skills. 01334 208086
FEAT Fife Employment Accessibility Trust aim to providing service users with strategies and tools to improve their resilience and employability. 01592 759371
Fife One Stop Shop for Autism Fife One Stop Shop provides 1:1 appointments, support and advice, parent groups and workshops for individuals and families. 01592 645350
Fife Women’s Aid Fife Women’s Aid offers help to children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse. 01383 732289
FRASAC Fife Rape and Sexual Assault Centre offers a range of services to anyone, male or female, who has been raped or sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. 01592 642336
HandsOn  Website providing practical information and activities to help improve the emotional wellbeing of children and young people.
Health Visitors Health Visitors are specialist nurses who promote the health of pre-school children. Contact your GP
KASP Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project offers counselling and support to survivors of sexual and domestic abuse. 01592 644217
LD Service The team works with children and young people (0-16 years or until school leaving) who have a learning disability (with or without autism) and mental health or behavioural problems. 01383 565210
LINK Adolescent Befriending Project The project helps 12 to 18 year olds improve their resilience, self-esteem, confidence and mental wellbeing. 07421 471720
LAAC - Springfield Project The Springfield Project work with children and young people accommodated in a local authority foster or residential placement. 01334 696311
LAAC - The Beeches The Beeches work with children and young people accommodated in a purchased foster or residential placement. 01334 696244
Moodcafe Self-help website providing advice and information on mental health and wellbeing topics. There are sections for parents/carers and children/young people.
OT Service Occupational Therapists provide advice, reassurance, support, assessment and intervention to help children and young people to develop their skills in everyday activities. 01383 674124
Paediatric Psychology Service (PPS) PPS provides psychological assessment and intervention to enable children, young people and their families to adapt to and cope with the challenges of long term medical conditions. Referrals are accepted from Consultant Paediatricians and Clinical Nurse Specialists, and may be accepted from other professionals following consultation. 01383 565400
Parenting Programmes There are a variety of programmes available to support parents in Fife: Incredible Years, Triple P, Mellow Parenting, PEEP (Parents Early Education Partnership), 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families.

Primary Care Psychology The Primary Care Psychology Service offers assessment and early intervention (up to 6 sessions) for children and young people who present with mild to moderate psychological difficulties of relatively recent onset.  Cases where there are complex systemic factors, multiagency involvement, issues around risk or underlying neurodevelopmental difficulties are not appropriate for this service due to the time-limited nature of the work. GPs - SCI Gateway
Other - 01383 565400
Primary Mental Health Workers (PMHW) If you have queries about a child or young person's emotional health and wellbeing, and are unsure about which support is most appropriate, please contact PMHW for advice. 01334 696234 
Relationships Scotland Relationships Scotland provides a counselling service for children and young people in Fife. 01592 751095
Safe Space Safe Space offers free and confidential support for people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. 01383 739084
School Nurses Each school in Fife has a School Nurse to support children and young people’s emotional wellbeing.
Sea View (Trauma Service) Sea View work with children and young people who have disclosed sexual abuse and there has been, or is, an investigation by police and social work. If the child is accommodated within either local authority or purchase placement and has disclosed sexual abuse then the referral should be made to either Springfield Project or The Beeches. 01592 648060
Seasons for Growth These groups are for children and young people who have experienced significant loss, change, family breakdown or bereavement. West - 01383 602456
Central - 01592 583485
East - 01334 659493
Speech and Language Speech and Language therapists can help children and young people with difficulties such as producing speech sounds clearly, putting their ideas into words, making their needs known and understanding what another person is saying to them. 01592 226784
The Cottage Family Centre The Cottage Family Centre offers a wide range of services including family support for children up to 5, therapeutic service for 5-16 year olds, and support for 12-16 year olds with low school attendance. 01592 269489
Young Carers Fife Young Carers supports children and young people aged 8 - 25 years who look after someone in their family who is ill or has a disability. 01592 786717


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