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The induction of labour unit is an independant 4 roomed unit and is staffed by 6 midwives and 5 maternity support assistants.  This is where women come to be primed/induced to prepare for labour(see the details below) . Women will be supported within the unit until labour establishes.

On arrival in the unit you will meet the midwife and you and your baby will be checked before any procedure is performed.  Your midwife will carry out a tracing of your babies heart beat, which will assess your babies heartbeat over a period of time.  Your midwife will then perform a vaginal examination and a plan will be made for your priming/induction.  The midwife will let you know the times that you and your baby will need to be checked, try to always return to the unit at the times of these checks.

One of the best things you can do during the induction time is to try and stay mobile, this will help to establish labour. You can walk around the hospital area and go to the cafe. You should nor leave the hospital

Your partner will be welcome to stay, to support you, but it is important that he is awake before 7am. This will ensure that we can carry out all checks on you.  No other visitors will be allowed within the department, this is because we try to keep a quiet atmosphere where women have privacy. If you wish to see visitors you can arrange to meet them in one of the cafes or visiting areas in the hospital.

Induction of labour can be a long procedure, up to 2 days, so try to have things with you to pass some time. You can bring in an ipad, laptop or books. You should also bring in some food and refreshments for your partner.

It would be lovely if you could pop into the unit to show the midwives your new baby before you go home.


Most women will go into labour before the 42nd week of pregnancy. Induction of labour is the process of starting labour artificially.

The main reasons women are offered induction of labour.

Labour has not started spontaneously and you are 7 - 10 days over your due date.

You have a medical condition that means it is safer for your health to deliver the baby earlier.

Your baby may have a condition that determines it would be safer for earlier delivery.

Your waters break but labour has not started spontaneously.


We will frequently check you and your babies heartbeat throughout the induction process, using either a hand held doppler or the CTG monitor. If you need to have the Oxytocin hormone drip then we need to constantly monitor yoyr bay, but will encourage you to mobolise, using either the birthing ball or walking around the room.


For some women, especially those having their first baby, the induction process can take a long time, occasionally up to 48 hours.


Only one birth partner can stay with you throughout the induction process to help and support you as it can be tiring and you may be uncomfortable. You will be encouraged to mobolisewhen yo are not being monitored and therefore that you go off the ward to meet family and friends.


*We will check your blood pressure and pulse and then monitor the baby's heartbeat using a cardiotocograph CTG.

*An intenal examination will be performed to assess the cervix (neck of the womb)

*If the cervix is completely closed, you will need to have a hormone pessary inserted into the vagina. You wil stay in the hospitals induction ward throughout this process and then transferred to the labour area when labour establishes.

*The pessary is used to soften, shorten and open the cervix. It can remain in place for 24 hours or until your waters break or labour establishes.

*If after 24 hours your cervix has not softened or opened enough and labour has not established, we can insert prostin gel. The gel is left for 6 hours and this may need to be repeated up to 2 times

*You will be fully informed throughout this process we will discuss and explain everything.


The safety and well being of all mothers and babies in Fife is paramount. Due to the unpredictability of when babies choose to arrive we occasionally experience very busy periods and therfore it m  ay not be suitable to induce your labour.

If this is the case we may may need to postpone your induction, we do not make this decision lightly.

If when you attend the unit, following your examination, your cervix is found to be softening, shortening and dilating enough that an amniotomy (ARM) can be performed you will be offered a 'sweep' and we may recomend you go home for 24 hours to see if your labour establishes.
















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