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Medical Education Services are here for career grade doctors.  All consultants, associate specialists and hospital specialty doctors are involved in the training and education of medical students and or doctors in training.  We are proud of the quality of teaching delivered by our senior doctors and appreciate the time, effort and commitment given to teaching and training.

NHS Fife has many opportunities to teach.  Please have a browse through the pages for undergraduate placements, doctors in training and teaching and training  to see how much is done here.

To support our tutors, MES is heavily involved in the following:-

  • Medical Education Event– an annual activity bringing together all those involved in medical education whether it be undergraduate or postgraduate and provide recent updates in the world of medical education by guest speakers; acts as a forum in making decisions on medical education in NHS Fife and a network to support best teaching practices and continue to develop and raise medical education in Fife. 


  • Consultants Professional Development –
    • An update from the Consultants Mandatory Teaching to on-line modules available via http://doctors.learnprouk.com
    • Bi-annual Professional Development Events on updates in clinical subjects, improving patient safety, stress and your mental health, clinical leadership, professional and peer support.  Places booked via https://tutorialbooking.com/.  
    • Consultant Resuscitation Training (limited numbers).  Places booked via https://tutorialbooking.com/


  • Effective Communication for Healthcare(EC4H) – EC4H is Scotland’s leading NHS communication training programme.  The EC4H programme offers a wide range of workshops for consultants on communication skills for use in clinical settings, management settings as well as with trainees.    http://www.ec4h.org.uk/


  • South East Faculty of Clinical Educators(SEFCE) - SEFCE is a partnership between Health Boards, Edinburgh Medical School and the Postgraduate Deanery to enhance our education and training. http://sefce.net/  Which run a number of courses and workshops in hospitals and on-line.
    • The Clinical Educators Programme (CEP) – a series of workshops held in VHK Education Centre throughout the year book via https://tutorialbooking.com/  for clinicians wishing to fulfil the GMC requirements for recognition and approval of trainers.   See our events pages for details of which workshops are currently running.
    • The annual SEFCE Symposium held in Edinburgh with keynote speaker video-linked in live to VHK Education Centre held in November each year.  See website for further detailshttp://sefce.net/en-gb/news


  • Medical Education Roles- the career grade doctor is engaged in a variety of medical education roles to deliver medical education and training.  We hope that you all find these fulfilling and rewarding – a pleasure to work with these individuals.   A hint of expectations of these roles are listed.

Further information is on the following pages – click the tab of interest.

Last note:-

Recently Appointed Consultants

The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE) deliver an annual Recently Appoint Consultants evening update at the College which is also video-linked out live to registered sites.  This is targeted at the new consultant or about to be, consultant.  This session is open to all specialties and not just physicians.  See Events page for details.  Website https://www.rcpe.ac.uk/






For more information contact

Ann Sheach, Education Centre Manager 
Tel: 01592 643355 Fax: none Contact Ann Sheach online
By Post: NHS Fife, Victoria Hospital Hayfield Road Kirkcaldy Fife KY2 5AH


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