Paediatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner Service

The PANP service cares for * Children with Exceptional Health Care Needs (CEN) within the community environment. It was established in 2013 and there are approximately 50 CEN children within the Fife area. The initial job purpose proposal was to assist with the overall care of CEN children and to complement existing community nursing services.


  • 5 days per week
  • 9-5 telephone advice/support
  • 24’hr home response


  • Preventative admission to hospital
  • Supported early discharge from hospital
  • Support of deteriorating/unwell child at home; maintain the child living at home cared for by their parent/carer. Providing support, clinical assessment, management, plan of care inc’ prescribing.
  • Long-term management of chronic conditions
  • Specialist Enteral feeding & Respiratory clinics
  • Supportive Palliative care needs at home

   *Objectives are performed in conjunction with acute services

  • Discharge liaison ~ CEN discharge from tertiary hospitals i.e. new home-care referral
  • Transition of CEN to adult services



  • CCN
  • Community Paediatrician/GP                                                          
  • School Nurse                               
  • CDC team                                              
  • Respite unit/hospice                                            
  • Families/carers 
  • Acute Services                                       


David Smyth 

Paediatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner     mob: 07788 301 203     

* CEN definition


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