The maternity observation ward is a ward where women with high risk pregnancies are cared for both in the antenatal period and in the post natal period. Women who require a greater level of intervention both pre and post birth will be loooked after in this ward. Such interventions may be babies that are delivered through caesarian section, mothers who need medicines to control their blood pressure or who've lost a lot of blood or who've developed an infection. 

Because of the high dependancy nature of the ward and the needs of the patients,  the visiting arrangements here are stricter . The visiting times are for the birthing partner 1000-2000hrs. This unit only has ONE birthing partner. Other visiting times for the other visitors are 3PM UNTIL 4PM and STRICTLY 2 visitors to a bed at the one time. The evening visiting is from 19.00 until 20.00 again STRICTLY 2 visitors to a bed . The birthing partner is not included in the number of visitors  neither are the patients children.

We also request that visitors coming into this unit wash their hands thoroughly before going in to visit their relative. And we request that visitors wash their hands when leaving the ward as well.



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