Some Team Members

Clinical Services Manager

  • Fiona Mackenzie, Tower Block, Lynebank Hospital, Halbeath Road, Dunfermline, KY11 4UW Telephone: 01383 565330

Lead Nurse

  • Michelle Williamson


  • Dr Fran Stretton, Dr Jo Bowden, Dr Kim Steel, Dr Steinunn Boyce

Hospice Senior Charge Nurses:

  • Neil Watson (Ward 16, QMH), Scott Sweaton (Victoria Hospice)

Comunity Specialist Nurses:

  • Theresa Keicher (Team Lead), Agnes Carmichael, Mary Conroy, Gayle Forsyth, Sandra Harley, Morag Lyell, Jane Morris, Mary Spence, Lesley-Anne Walsh

Hospital Specialist Nurses:

  • Monica Keenan (Advance Nurse Practitioner), Lynsey McGhee

Counselling/Children & Family:

  • Sharon Dick, Catriona Macpherson


  • Angela Southam

Occupational Therapists:

  • Yvonne Laing (Victoria Hospice), Alison McClure (Ward 16, QMH), Marianne McLeod


  • Lorraine McAndie, Alison Green


  • Paul Wilson

The Team also includes Complementary Therapy and works closely with Chaplaincy Service



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