NHS Fife Non UK EU Nationals Staff Survey

To assist managers and workforce planning at NHS Fife, we are asking all our Non UK EU National staff to complete a short online survey, as described by the Scottish Partnership Forum (SPF), to help us identify those who may require additional legal or immigration support as a result of Brexit. This will enable targeted support to be made available to any staff who require assistance in the coming months.  The survey is asking for minimal information and will be able to be completed very quickly.


The survey will run from Friday 2nd November 2018 until Friday 7th December 2018 and can be completed online or via a hard copy, downloadable from the NHS Fife Intranet http://intranet.fife.scot.nhs.uk/brexit

In addition to the message from the SPF, as a Board we would wish to re-iterate our support for all of our workforce who may be affected by the decision for the United Kingdom to exit the EU.

NHS Fife is a forward facing, inclusive organisation, attracting international expertise and skills from around the globe. We greatly value the contribution of all our staff and recognise that many have a number of professional and personal concerns and questions following the United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union (EU).

We are wholly committed to ensuring our EU staff and their families have access to up-to-date information, support and advice during this period of uncertainty. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be seeking clarity, establishing facts and ensuring that our EU staff are kept updated on developments as and when they happen.

There is a dedicated section on the NHS Fife Intranet both for staff and managers where the latest information can be accessed. These online resources include links to a number of relevant websites including, the Scottish Government, the Home Office and European Commission.

If NHS Fife staff have any immediate concerns about the impact of Brexit, we would encourage you to discuss these with your line manager on the first instance, you should look to your manager to provide appropriate support, as regular conversations with your manager are an opportunity to have honest and open conversations about the impact Brexit is having on you.

It will also allow you to use this time to raise any issues you think your manager should be aware of and, if appropriate, look for ways to address these issues in the context of the workplace.

Please take this opportunity to complete the online questionnaire: www.nhsfife.org/brexitsurvey

If you require a paper copy of the questionnaire, please speak to your manager, or submit your name and address through the generic email address available on the intranetand we will arrange to get a copy to you.




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