The Chronic Medication Service (CMS) allows patients with long-term conditions to register with a community pharmacy of their choice for the provision of pharmaceutical care as part of a shared agreement between the patient, community pharmacist and General Practitioner (GP).  It introduces a more systematic way of working and formalises the role of community pharmacists in the management of individual patients with long term conditions in order to assist in improving the patient's understanding of their medicines and optimising the clinical benefits from their therapy.

PCR Assessments/Interventions

High Risk Medicine - Lithium (word document)

High Risk Medicine - Methotrexate (word document)

High Risk Medicine - Warfarin (word document)

New Medicine Intervention (word document)

Gluten Free Foods Annual Health Check (word document)


For further detail please see information within NHS National Services Scotland.

Serial Prescribing

Once registered for the CMS service, GP's have the ability to issue serial prescriptions which will last for a total period of either 24, 48 or 56 weeks.  During this time patients that are stabilized on their medication need only present to the pharmacy they have chosen to register with, for issues of their repeat medication.  For the same period the pharmacist will review medication therapy, monitor new/high risk medicines and record any care issues on the patients' care record (PCR) so that the desired outcomes may be achieved.


An SBAR was introduced into the Pharmacy Care Record over a year ago which is a tool to support communications with your GP Practices and other healthcare professionals.  To date just over 1100 SBAR’s have been completed through PCR by 31% of pharmacies in Fife. 

One of the benefits of using the SBAR tool is that you can send the communication to your local GP practice electronically, reducing the risk of paper copies going missing.   If sending by e-mail this MUST be done through NHS Mail as it contains patient specific details.  The preferred e-mail address is the generic mailbox for the GP practice.

You can specify on the SBAR if it is a Prescription Query, a Referral or Other type of communication.  A sample SBAR can be found here

If you require any help completing, saving and electronically sending the SBAR please contact Dawn Balfour (

High Risk Medicine

Methotrexate and Warfarin

Methotrexate packs and Warfarin/Oral Anticoagulant Booklets are available to order directly from APS Group Scotland.  Please either:-


Information and resources regarding Lithium are available via the ADTC


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