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Universal Claim Form (UCF)

Changes to MAS when UCF introduced

UCF is the form which allows electronic dispensing for any items currently (and in future) processed on a CPUS form, eg Urgent Supply, EHC, GFFS and Smoking Cessation. With its introduction, come changes for MAS.

The current CP2/3 will be replaced by a CP4/3, where the CP4 part will be for MAS and UCF.  CP3 will continue to be used for CMS registrations and withdrawals.

Other changes for MAS will be:-

  • 3 items per form as opposed to 2
  • A dummy CHI number will be added to consultation claims automatically where required

One of the main changes is that MAS registration and consultations will be electronic only, ie there will be no paper back up if the electronic message does not leave your PMR.

To prepare for the introduction of UCF, it is important to ensure that your housekeeping is carried out regularly to check that electronic messages are leaving your system when they should.  If this is not being checked regularly and messages are not leaving your PMR, then you could lose out on payments when MAS becomes fully electronic

The introduction of UCF will vary, depending on when your PCR is ready to implement it, but started in some pharmacy systems late 2017.  All sites should be up and running by end of 2018.



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