Someone with a learning disability may need assistance to overcome whatever inhibits their ability to lead a full and independent life. The Occupational Therapist can assist in enabling the individual to do the things they need and want to do.

The Occupational Therapist can help in:

  • self care activities
  • from something as simple as learning to eat and drink independently to improving the clients ability to access local facilities
  • productive activities:
    from assisting in functioning in the workplace or college to managing tasks at home
  • leisure activities:
    assisting in the development of recreation, hobbies and interests


The Occupational Therapist can visit clients at home or in hospital to:

  • suggest new ways of carrying out problematic activities
  • adapt the home or work environment to promote independence
  • suggest or arrange for new equipment that may help
  • help clients to practice new skills or methods
  • liaise with other people who may be able to help
  • assist with developing social and relationship skills


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