Our profession recognises the importance of good eating and drinking skills, and functional communication. The focus for therapy is improving physical surroundings, personal circumstances and communication used by carers to increase the client's communicative success.

We make mealtimes safe, comfortable, and a social experience by:


  • assessing clients eating, drinking and swallowing skills and difficulties
  • assessing the meal time environment
  • providing recommendations and guidelines
  • providing training to carers
  • liaising with the video-fluoroscopy clinic


We promote functional communication by:

  • assessing a client's interaction, language, signing, picture recognition and social skills
  • assessing understanding of spoken language, non-verbal cues and routine situations
  • assessing how others communicate with the client and how this makes them react
  • providing training advice and support
  • providing training advice and support in signing/symbols
  • providing individually tailored communication systems
  • providing advice on adapting written material into an accessible format.


The Speech and Language Therapist works directly with clients as individuals, in small groups or indirectly through carers and staff.

We work in the situations and places in which people live and work in order to improve the total communication environment.


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