This birth plan is just to give you some ideas of what to discuss with your partner and midwife. Click here to  download and print out a copy. There is a birthplan on Badgernet also.


What are your feelings about birth?          


What are your expectations?                                          




The environment for birth.                          

Are there things you feel may help you in your labour.

Snacks, drinks, your own music birthing ball, extra pillows or beanbag. These are just some suggestions.You may have things that are personal to you and may be a comfort.



Who do you want to be with you during your

Labour is very personal and emotional, its important that whoever is with you can be very supportive and can stay with you the whole time



If everything is straightforward how would you like your baby's heartbeat to be monitored?

If you are low risk with no complications we may use intermittent monitoring with a hand held doppler. (like they use at your community midwife appointments)

Do you understand when there may be a need for continuous electronic monitoring?

(Discuss with your midwife if you are unsure.)



Things that may help you to cope with labour and birth.

Things you may try.


Water- bath /shower/ birthing pool

T.E.N.S. machine

moving around

'gas & air'

morphine based drugs




Vaginal examinations in labour.

Are you nervous / apprehensive or have you had one before?


Finding out the sex of your baby.

Do you already know or would you like to find out for yourself at delivery?

Would you like your placenta to be delivered with or without an injection?

The injection may minimise bleeding.

(If you are unsure ask your midwife or read about it in your ready steady baby book)


After your baby is born.

Would you like to have skin to skin at delivery.

This is encouraged after delivery, we also encourage partners to have periods of skin to skin.

Would you like your baby to have vitamin K?

If you are unsure ask your midwife or read your ready steady baby book.



Do you have any special requirements?





If you have given birth before, think about that experience. Is there anything special you would like the midwife at your birth to know.





Use the spaces below to record you birth preferences. Preferences for birth can be very individual and depend on your health, your cicumstances and what is available in the birthing unit at the time.

During early labour your midwife will discuss this with you. Remember that circumstances can change very quickly if there any concerns with you or your baby.





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